New Upholstery on the benches in the Tzion of Rabbeinu z”l

Last week the Breslov Union in Uman (איחוד ברסלב) replaced the old upholstery on the benches in the inner room of Rebbe Nachman's Kever. Some of the old upholstery was damaged and very old and needed to be replaced urgently. A more comfortable and long lasting upholstery was found and they started…


Baruch Dayan HaEmes – Lior Tzafrir HaKohen z”l

Lior Tzafrir HaKohen was a well known Breslover Na Nach Chassid who always brought joy and happiness to many people. He passed away last night and his Levaya was today. An Israeli filmmaker did a short documentary type film about him which can be watched here - Here is a video…


amazing photos from Uman Rosh Hashanah 2021

These pictures were taken by the amazing photographer Yosef Chaim Goldschmidt and posted with full permission. Please check out and support his work - There is also a Facebook group for all of his photos (I did not post all of them here) - These pictures are in no particular order.

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