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Antisemitic attack close to the Tziyon in Uman

On Motzei Shabbos in Uman, two Breslov teenagers – aged 15 and 17, were brutally attacked by non-Jews. The attack happened very close to the back of the Tziyon of Rebbe Nachman after the attackers snuck up on them using the cover of darkness there.

Security footage shows that there were three attackers and one of the attackers came armed with a knife. They beat up the 17-year-old victim and as a result of his injuries, he was taken to the hospital. His 15-year-old friend managed to escape the scene.

Shlomi Elisha, chairman of Shmira in Ukraine, states that this is a very serious incident: “They were not afraid to come to the center of the Jewish neighborhood in Uman and beat up a young Jew. I hope the police stop them and we will be conducting increased patrols here in the coming days.”

The security video shows the attackers fleeing the scene. Leaders of the Breslov community in Uman also said that before the attack there was no known conflict between the attackers and the Jewish teens. The United Jewish Community in Ukraine received a report of the incident and filed a complaint with the law enforcement authorities in Ukraine.


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