Baruch Dayan Emes: Rav Meir Deutsch

Rav Meir Deutsch, a choshuv Breslover chassid from Jerusalem, was niftar yesterday from the Coronavirus. He was in the hospital for close to a month after being infected. He passed away at 73 years old.

After he became close to Breslov in his younger years, he was ready to travel to Uman at any cost. The Iron Curtain was still in existence but he was moser nefesh and tried to enter Ukraine but was stopped and arrested and spent two months in a communist jail in Ukraine. Askanim from all over the Jewish world worked hard to free him and after two months he was returned to Israel. His story was very famous around the world. He merited to leave behind many children and grandchildren who follow the path of Rabbeinu z”l.


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