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Citizens of the UK can now enter Ukraine without any restrictions!

Ukraine has updated its list of Red and Green zone countries over the last few days and Britain has been added to the list of green countries. People from the UK can now enter Ukraine without any quarantine or COVID-19 testing. This is great news for Breslov chassidim wishing to travel to Uman for Rosh Hashanah.

Israel and the USA still remain in the red zone list. Citizens of Red Zone countries who wish to travel to Ukraine must quarantine after entering the Ukraine but can exit quarantine early after receiving a negative result on a Covid test that can be taken in Ukraine. Additionally as of August 1, a foreign citizen can now show a negative test result from his/her country of origin. The test must be done within 48 hours of leaving your home country and it will be accepted in Ukraine and there is no need to take another test there.

New countries added to the Red Zone list: Poland, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Lithuania and Denmark.

New countries that are now Green zones: Belarus, United Kingdom, Sweden and Portugal.

In some hopeful news for Israelis, the Israeli gov’t is planning to open the skies again by August 16th and conduct Corona tests (with results in 30 minutes) in Ben Gurion for incoming travelers. There is a very good possibility that once this goes into effect there will be no more need to quarantine when returning from Uman.

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