Essential Breslov Books in English

Through Fire and Water is an amazing biography about Rav Noson of Breslov – the main student of Rebbe Nachman. Contains an amazing amount of important information about Breslov. 

Until the Mashiach is an important biography about Rebbe Nachman of Breslov. Lots of important dates, travels, stories and background information. An essential reference work for every student of Breslov.

Crossing the Narrow Bridge answers many of the practical and technical questions that puzzle those who are making their first acquaintance with Breslov teachings. This is a must read book for any Breslover.

ADVICE (Likutey Etzos) was compiled by Rav Noson in order to present Rabbi Nachman’s teachings in a systematic way. The reader can thus gain an understanding of all the main themes and concepts of Rebbe Nachman’s ideas.

Containing numerous conversations and a variety of the Rebbe’s sayings, stories, dreams and visions, this work gives readers a clearer picture of who Rebbe Nachman was and the import of his teachings. This is an English translation of Chayei Moharan.

This classic work presents Rebbe Nachman’s everyday conversations and fundamental teachings on everything from faith, joy and meditation to Kabbalistic insights. This is an English translation of Sichos HaRan.