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Guide for traveling to Uman with public transportation from different countries

The main website for searching destinations and buying bus tickets for most of these routes is –

Travel from Moldova to Uman:

Take a bus from the airport in Chisinau/Kishinev to Odessa, Ukraine which takes about 3-4 hours. There are a number of busses each day. The cost is about $22. From Odessa there is a bus to Uman a few times a day which takes about 3-4 hours. The cost is around $8.

You can also take a bus from Chisinau/Kishinev to Vinnytsia, Ukraine which takes around 8 hours and costs $27. From there you can take a taxi with a few people to save time or you can take a bus from the Vinnytsia Central Bus Station to Uman which takes around 2 hours and costs $5.

Travel from Romania to Uman:

Fly to Iasi Airport. From Iasi, take a bus to Uman. Travel time is 18 hours with an 8 hour break/stop/transfer in Balti. Cost is $50. You can also take a bus from Iasi to Kishinev and take the route from there like written above. There also seems to be a straight bus from Kishinev to Uman that goes one time per day. Check the website for exact details.

Fly to Bucharest and take a bus from there to Odessa. Travel time is 12 hours and the cost is $42. Take a bus to Uman from Odessa or a private car. You can also travel from Bucharest to Iasi using a train and from Iasi like written above. Train from Bucharest to Iasi –

Travel from Hungary to Uman:

Fly to Budapest. Bus from Budapest to Vinnytsia. Travel time is 22.5 hours and cost is $88. Bus from Vinnytsia to Uman.

See below for details on how to take the train from Budapest or Debrecen to Uman.

Travel from Poland to Uman:

Fly to Krakow. Bus from there to Vinnytsia. There are a few busses that go daily..some with long breaks/stops. Cost ranges from $32 to $37. Check the schedule on the website. Train from Krakow will be explained at the end of this page.

Fly to Warsaw. Bus from there to Uman with a switch in Lvov. Travel time is about 20 hours. Cost is $33. Train from Warsaw will be explained at the end of this page.

There is also a bus from Warsaw to Vinnytsia which is about 15 hours travel time and then bus or taxi to Uman.

Explanation on how to take the train from Poland or Hungary to Uman.

The main website to buy tickets for these trains is this site – If you are outside Ukraine, you are probably blocked from viewing the site unless you use a VPN.

Important: tickets for these trains only go on sale 2/3 weeks before your desired travel for Rosh won’t be going on sale until the end of August. 

The trains leave from a place in Poland called Przemyśl which is near the border of Ukraine. The train crosses the actual border.

The closest airport to there is Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport (RZE) – 1 hour from Przemyśl

Warsaw Airport is 4 hours from Przemyśl

Krakow Airport is 3 hours from Przemyśl

To get to Przemyśl from the different airports you can take a taxi or a train inside Poland –

The train from Poland to Vinnytsia takes around 13-15 hours and there are different options of cabins to rent – with beds and without beds, etc.

You can also cross the border of Poland/Ukraine by foot and take another driver to Uman.

Going from Hungary to Uman by train

The border crossing from Hungary to Ukraine is 3 hours from the Budapest Airport and 2 hours from Debrecen Airport. The train station that will take you to Vinnytsia in Ukraine is located on the Ukrainain side in a town called Chup/Chop. To get to there you must cross the border at a place called Zahony. You can only cross the border to Chup/Chop with a train or a car. You cannot cross by foot.

To get to Zahony, you can take a train from either Budapest or Debrecen. The website to buy tickets is The train stations are a few minutes from each airport. Once you get to Zahony, you switch trains that are specific for just crossing the border to Chop/Chup (20 minute journey) and from there you take a new train to Vinnytsia which takes about 14 hours. Use the Ukrainian site to buy tickets for that train.

You can also take a car/taxi across the border straight to Chop/Chup or to Zahony and take the train from there to Chup/Chop.

(This information was taken from an Israeli Breslov Whatsapp Travel group).

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