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Health Restrictions heavily enforced in Uman

Many Breslov Chassidim have already arrived in Uman for Rosh Hashanah weeks earlier than usual. This is because of Ukraine’s recent announcement that their borders will be closed till September 30th. There are now around 5000 Breslov chassidim who have arrived early in Uman and it is being conveyed to them through Breslov Askanim and leaders in Uman that following the health regulations is extremely important. There are still ongoing talks with the Ukrainian government to allow more Chassidim to come for Rosh Hashanah and this will only be possible if everyone there is following the rules – wearing a mask in the Tziyon at all times, proper social distancing and more.

Yesterday, guards and gates were placed at the entrances of Rabbeinu’s Tzion and one cannot enter without wearing a mask. There are masks being provided there and hand sanitizer as well. The area inside the Tziyon is being divided up into sections. See pictures below.

Currently, the borders are closed and any Breslover who manages to even arrive in Kiev airport is being sent back. If you are leaving from Israel and your final destination on your ticket is Kiev you will not be allowed on the plane at all. There are others waiting for days already in neighboring countries hoping for the situation to change. Hopefully, with Hashem’s help, we will hear some good news soon.

Pictures courtesy of Breslov Live and people in Uman

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