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Help keep the lights and heat on in Rebbe Nachman’s Kever

The Russian missile attacks on civilian infrastructure across Ukraine has forced the government there to announce electricity cuts throughout the country. The Ukrainians say that the Russians have destroyed about 30% of their power generating capabilities. In the Cherkasy region, where Uman is located, electricity will only be on for 8 hours per day – 4 hours in the morning and 4 in the evening. These are the official hours but every time there are new attacks, there are full days without electricity.

The freezing Ukrainian winter months are coming and this is not a good situation for the Breslov Chassidim and others who  learn and daven in the Tzion of Rebbe Nachman everyday. The Ichud Breslov in Uman (who are in charge of the upkeep of the Kever building and more) have purchased a powerful generator to keep the lights and heat on. There is also a plan to buy new heating systems that will run on wood rather than gas which is sometimes hard to find due to the war.

The cost of all of these purchases and upkeep will cost tens of thousands of dollars.

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