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In Uman, the Israeli hostages are not forgotten

Huge posters containing the Hebrew names of the remaining Israeli hostages in Gaza were hung in the Tziyon of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov in Uman, Ukraine. Anybody who is visiting the Kever can now easily pray for the hostages held by the terror group Hamas. The caretakers of the Tzion have stated that since the attack on October 7th, they have received many requests to mention the names of the hostages at the grave of Rabbi Nachman and decided that putting up these big posters was needed.

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  1. breslov plus

    i hope this zionest propaganda was taken down by now

    1. Breslov News Man

      I am approving your terrible comment to say chas vshalom, I hope it wasn’t taken down. We are praying every day for the safe return of the hostages please hashem.

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