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Meron Lag Baomer Officially Cancelled

According to Israeli news reports, the large yearly gathering in Meron for Lag Baomer has officially been cancelled by the Police and Homefront Command. This is due to the serious security situation in northern Israel. There are daily rocket and suicide drone attacks by Hezbollah from Lebanon and Meron has been targeted numerous times. Instead of the major Hilula which happens every year at Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, there will be 3 very small events in Meron itself with around ten people by each one. There will be one event for Boyan (The Rebbe lights the main fire in Meron every year), one for the Dati Leumi community and one for the Sephardi community. According to early reports, these will still need to be approved by Homefront Command.

It has also been reported that the mountain will be closed for 5 days before Lag Baomer and 5 days after and no one without special permission will be allowed anywhere near the mountain. This of course can change and entrance to Meron may be closed even sooner.



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