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New Book: The Story of Our Lives

“While on a journey, I told a story. Whoever heard it had a thought of repentance.”

With these timeless words, Rebbe Nachman of Breslov zy”a introduced The Lost Princess, the story that would ultimately become the most famous of his legendary tales. The basic themes of this gripping and imaginative tale about a viceroy and his quest to free a captive princess have inspired Jews of all ages for generations. But the awesome secrets of this mysterious work and the depth of its message have remained largely hidden from the English-speaking public.

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In this remarkable book, R’ Yaakov Klein reveals how Rebbe Nachman’s short story contains the seeds of a unique path to avodas Hashem tailor-made for our generation. Expansive, thorough, and well-sourced, The Story of Our Lives is a veritable textbook on the Chassidic worldview that is essential to understanding the intense interest in Chassidus today. Its systematic presentation of many foundational concepts in penimiyus haTorah will excite the mind just as the 66-life lessons explicated in its pages are sure to uplift, encourage, and inspire. Most significantly, this groundbreaking work deepens and broadens the thought of repentance this story inspires, introducing the reader to a transformative vision of the spiritual journey.

The Story of Our Lives is a compass that will guide you along the long, difficult, and ultimately liberating quest for the soul of our tradition. Overflowing with universal wisdom necessary for each new chapter in the story of our very own lives, this book is one to keep at your side throughout the entirety of your journey toward the quintessence of living. Bon voyage!

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