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New Breslov sefer about Tikkun Chatzos

As Breslover Chassdim, we all know the importance of doing Tikkun Chatzos and how much Rebbe Nachman spoke about it. However, for most people it is a very serious struggle and not everyone knows exactly how to do it, when to get up, how to change your day so you can get up early, etc. There are many questions about the inyan of Tikkun Chatzos in Breslov and this sefer aims to give practical advice on how you can start doing Tikkun Chatzos and what it entails. All of this of course based on the teachings of leading Breslover Chassidim. This sefer has Haskamos from Rav Yakov Meir Schechter, Rav Moshe Kramer, Rav Shimon Shapira and more.

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