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New Podcast: Two Chassids in A Pod

Two Chassids In A Pod is a podcast by Elio Pereira and Avidan Loquet. Two Baalei Teshuva who made aliyah to Israel and have been growing in Torah lifestyles ever since. They discuss all topics of life from stories to news, Parshat Hashavua and different lessons we can learn from everything Hashem is showing us. Featured guests will be musicians, artists, rabbis and pashut Jews with many nekudot tovot.

The aim is to spread light and talk about different topics that we all face with tachlis in mind and a simchadik vibe. Elio has been learning Breslov chassidus for years and made teshuva because of Rabbeinu’s teachings, and Avidan who made teshuva in the heart of Tel Aviv through Chabad is just starting to dabble in Breslev works and already is very moved by what he’s read.

Here is a clip from their first Pocast episode:

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