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New rules for entering Ukraine

Due to the new Delta variant that is spreading across the world, Ukraine has updated its rules for entering the country and is now requiring quarantine for individuals who are not vaccinated. This is a very important update as Rosh Hashanah is getting closer. These new rules take effect next week on August 4th. The new rules:

People over 18 who are vaccinated do not need to quarantine and only need to buy Ukrainian health insurance. They do not need to present a negative test upon arrival. An official document proving vaccination must be shown at border control. We know that Ukraine is accepting the Israeli vaccination certificates (not recovery certificates) and CDC vaccination cards from the US.

People who are not vaccinated will be required to enter into quarantine. They will also need to buy Ukrainian health insurance. You can easily get out of this quarantine by taking a Corona test upon arrival and then wait for a negative result. You will need to install the Vdoma tracking app. (which requires a smartphone, Breslov askanim are working on a solution for people who do not own smartphones)

We will keep posting more details of this new update as more details become available – if there will be tests available in the airport, Uman, etc.

Please keep davening that kibbutz will happen this year without any issues.


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