Ukraine updates rules for entry

Ukraine has once again updated their rules for entry to their country: A person who has only received one dose (and of course two doses) of the vaccine OR has a Certificate of Recovery from Coronavirus can now enter Ukraine without any restrictions (no quarantine app, no getting tested in Ukraine upon…


Shiner’s Hachnosas Orchim opens today

Hachnosas Orchim "Azmin" headed by Rav Eliezer Shiner (Shiner's) announced that from today the Hachnosas Orchim will be open everyday from 6 pm for dinner. Free of charge for everyone! One can also buy tickets to eat all the Shabbos meals there for only 15 dollars as well.


New rules for entering Ukraine

Due to the new Delta variant that is spreading across the world, Ukraine has updated its rules for entering the country and is now requiring quarantine for individuals who are not vaccinated. This is a very important update as Rosh Hashanah is getting closer. These new rules take effect next week on…


The shoemaker’s shul in Uman now under Jewish control

The last remaining shul building besides the old Breslov kloyz (that recently became refurbished) that still remains till today is now once again under Jewish control after efforts from Breslov askanim (activists). This Shul was attended by the shoemakers and workers in the city and according to Breslov tradition it is the…

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What you need to enter Ukraine now

As Rosh Hashanah is getting closer, it's a good time to review what is needed to enter Ukraine. Israel recently took Ukraine off the list of countries that Israelis are not able to travel to which is very good news as well. So what do you need to enter Ukraine? 1.Ukrainian travel…