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Pillars of Light: New sefer about Breslov Chassidim in Poland

After many years of hard work, the Sefer “Amudei Or” (Pillars of Light) by Rav Aharon Kliger has been published. This book, which is over 1000 pages, is about the history of Breslov Chassidus in Poland. It contains many never before seen pictures and documents from Breslov chassidim from those times. The book contains many biographies of famous Breslov Tzaddikim as well:

  1. The Pillar of Emunah – Rabbi Yitzchok Breiter hy”d
  2. The Pillar of Hafatzah – Rabbi Aharon Leib Tziegelman hy”d
  3. The Pillar of Bitachon – Rav Shimshon Barski zt”l
  4. The Pillar of Simcha – Rav Benzion Apter zt”l
  5. The Pillar of Asiayh -Rav Yitzchok Meir Korman zt”l

The author, Rav Aharon Kliger, did intense research and interviews for many years to gather this important information. There is new information about the Rosh Hashanah Kibbutz in Lublin that Rav Aharon gathered from people who were actually there. Another fascinating aspect of the book is the information about Breslov Chassidim wanting to establish new communities in the mountains of Jerusalem and Meron after making aliyah and the many letters discussing these ideas.

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