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Russia attacks the city of Uman with 12 drones

On the second day of the Sukkos, about 12 Russian drones attacked infrastructure and warehouses in the city of Uman, Ukraine. No casualties were reported, but there was significant property damage.

The attack occurred at around 12:30 AM on the second night of Sukkot. Residents of Uman reported hearing a humming sound similar to mopeds, followed by a loud explosion. Drones were heard overhead for about two hours, and there were several attempts to intercept them.

The drones all hit the same area, about 7 km from the Rebbe Nachman’s Tzion. The attack caused fires and extensive damage to infrastructure and warehouses.

One resident of Uman said that people were initially not alarmed by the sound of the drones, as it is usually quiet in Uman. However, when the explosions started, people began to panic.

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