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Summary of activities at the Uman Clinic over Rosh Hashanah 2021

The following is a translation of a Hebrew document outlining the activities of the Uman Clinic this past Rosh Hashana in Uman. The clinic was established years ago to treat any medical incident that may arise during the Uman Rosh Hashanah Kibbutz. This document was sent to me by Rabbi Hillel Cohen of Kiev who is very involved in Hatzolah Of Ukraine and the Uman Clinic.

Summary of activities at the Uman Medical Clinic – Uman Rosh Hashanah 2021:

Over 2500 Medical cases were treated at the Clinic in Uman 

The Clinic is located in a building in the courtyard of the “Kloyz” Synagogue (The Biggest Synagogue) in Uman. The building is used with permission given by the Breslov Union in Uman. It contains:

An Emergency Room with 3 beds for treatment

Hospitalization Rooms with 10 beds

A medicine room containing over 1300 different types of pills and medications from Israel and the United States.

The Clinic has 1 regular ambulance and 1 Intensive Care ambulance from Kiev in partnership with the Oxford Medical Hospital.

Around 100 cases required stitches.

There were over 50 bone fractures that required X Rays and Casting at the Uman Clinic.

The clinic also treated one of the injured from a car accident that happened after the Holiday and he was able to return home to Israel in good condition.

Number of staff at the Clinic this year: 

3 Internal Physicians

1 Surgeon

1 Family Doctor

2 Emergency Physicians (One from the United States)

1 Psychiatrist

1 Urologist

2 Nurses

2 Paramedics

Other Medics and Administrators


Dozens of Psychiatric Treatments were performed by Dr. Gafni from the Medical Clinic 

Pills were given to people with heart conditions and/or diabetics who either lost or forgot their medications.

Thousands of pills were given to people with asthmatic conditions.

The Clinic also established a “Corona Hotel” for isolation in a separate confidential location (so that unneeded staff would not go there) that was equipped with 50 beds and 20 Oxygen machines. This “Hotel” was under the management of Dr. Guy Shaul who is an expert at treating Corona patients. At the peak levels there were only 10 people there over the course of the holiday and only 2 needed Oxygen machines. Those two were flown to Israel for treatment by the MedAssis company accompanied by staff from the Uman Clinic.

Due to the fear of a spread of Coronavirus, a separate tent was established to question patients who were suspected of having Corona so that they would not enter the Clinic itself and spread the virus further. Except for two patients who were flown to Israel, no other patients experienced shortness of breath.

The staff at the Uman Clinic views all this as a very big miracle in the merit of our Holy Rabbi, Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, that in his merit the gathering in Uman was protected.

Unfortunately after the holiday there was a tragic car accident that resulted in one death of a visitor to Uman. The accident occurred about 1.5 hours from Uman and staff from the Uman Clinic along with Hatzalah of Ukraine rushed to the scene to help and were forced to pronounce his death.

Here is the place to mention the tremendous work of Rabbi Hillel Cohen, the renowned activist from Kiev, in raising funding for the Uman clinic through a charity campaign. He also arranged for a loan in advance for all the clinic’s total expenses.

God bless his army and they should succeed in next year’s Uman activities.

A big thank you to Passport Card services.

Thank you to Derech Tzadikim Tours and Netivim Tours for their cooperation and for their generous contributions to the clinic.

In the name of tens of thousands of Jews who were in Uman for Rosh Hashanah,

The Uman Clinic Staff


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