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The story of the Tehillim that came from Williamsburg to Gaza

On January 3rd, 2024, it was reported in Israeli media that an IDF solider found a sefer Tehillim in the house of a Gazan civilian in the Jabalia neighborhood in Gaza. An Israeli Breslov News site did some further research on who the Tehillim belonged to and how it may have gotten to Gaza (originally story published here)

This particular Tehillim was dedicated by Rav Sender Spiegel z”l, a Breslover chassid who was well know for his acts of kindness, to Rav Shmuel Goldring of Williamsburg in the year 1986. To give a bit of background – Rav Sender was the son of Rabbi Menachem Zev Spiegel z”l and the son in law of Rav Nachman Shlomo Yitzchak Shapira who was the first born son of Rav Shmuel Shapira, one of the ziknei Breslov in Jerusalem. He was also a mechutan of Rav Yaakov Meir Schecter.

Rav Sender was a well known man of kindness who would travel to the USA to collect money for poor people in Eretz Yisroel. He would also purchase many Siddurim and Sifrei Tehillim and “lend” them to different shuls. In each one it was written that this Siddur or Tehillim was lent by Rav Sender Spiegel.

And now we come back to the video of the IDF soldier (which can be seen below) who found one of these Tehillims in a house in Gaza. One can clearly see that it belongs to Rav Shmuel Goldring from Williamsburg and the family has confirmed that indeed Rav Sender did give their father this Tehillim in 1986. Rav Sender’s family also recognized their father’s handwriting in the opening of the sefer.

However, it is not known how the sefer Tehillim travelled all the way from Williamsburg to Gaza but maybe we will know soon as the family investigates more.

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