You are currently viewing Travel info for Uman Rosh Hashanah – Updated August 18th

Travel info for Uman Rosh Hashanah – Updated August 18th

First thing to know – Uman Rosh Hashanah 2020 is happening with permission granted from the Ukrainian government. There will be very strict regulations but there is no ban on entering Uman or the Ukraine as of now.

Uman Rosh Hashanah 2020 is almost here and there are still lots of questions being asked about how to enter Ukraine, how many people will be allowed in Uman, how can I fly there, etc. In this post we will try to outline all the relevant updated information that we know as of August 18, 2020. First, we will outline what you need to do to fly into Ukraine, cross the border and get out of quarantine. After we will outline the rules and restrictions for Uman Rosh Hashana 2020.

  1. Any citizen from any country can fly into Ukraine currently. However, Ukraine has put some countries on a Red Zone list and some countries on a Green Zone list. Red Zone means that there are high rates of infection in that country. Green means that the rates of infection are very low.
  2. A person who enters Ukraine from a Red Zone country must quarantine for 14 days according to the law there. A person who enters Ukraine from a Green Zone country does need to quarantine. We will explain further on how to legally get out of quarantine if you are traveling from a Red Zone country.
  3. USA and Israel are currently both Red Zone countries. The UK recently switched to being a Green Zone a few weeks ago. Mazal Tov! For a full list of Red/Green countries, you can check this link –
  4. Regardless of whether you are coming from a Green Zone or Red Zone you will need Ukrainian Health Insurance to enter the country. You will need to show it to the Border Police in Ukraine upon landing so you need to buy it before you fly. You can purchase it on this site for as little as 3 euros a day –
  5. If you are flying from the US and Israel you can still connect through the major European airports – you are just forbidden from leaving the terminal during your stopover. Many Israelis will be flying through Turkey to Ukraine this year.
  6. If you are flying from Israel, you will need to quarantine in Israel for 2 weeks when you return. This includes Yom Kippur and the first day of Sukkos if you leave right after Rosh Hashanah. According to reports in Israel – the quarantine for people returning from Uman will be very strict as the Israeli gov’t is trying to prevent further spread of Corona in Israel. If you are an American citizen living or studying in Israel and you do not have Israeli citizenship and you go to Uman for Rosh Hashanah – you might not be able to get back into Israel as of now. Please research the current rules for your situation – if you have a student visa with the proper ishurim for this year, if you are married to an Israeli,etc – see this site for more information –


Getting out of Quarantine in Ukraine

  1. To get out of quarantine in Ukraine is very simple: You take a Covid19 test in Ukraine and get a negative result. To do this you will need a smartphone with a Ukrainian Sim card to download the app where you will receive your results of the test. The app is called Dii Vdoma and you can find the links and more information on
  2. You must show border control that you have this app installed on your phone so they can register you in the system. You can buy a Ukrainian sim card right after landing in Kiev airport before Border Control for 10 dollars and then download the app.
  3. Once you cross the border you can take a Covid19 test in the Kiev airport itself for $55. The results are supposed to come back within 12-24 hours and sometimes even shorter. The results go to the app and that is the only way to get them. After taking the test you will need to go to where you are staying and quarantine until you get the results. Once you receive the negative result, you can leave quarantine.
  4. You do not have to take the test in the airport. There are many labs all across the Ukraine that work with this app and you can take the test in any of them (prices range from $60-$70) and then go to quarantine and wait for the results. List of labs –
  5. Once you land, you have 24 hours to get to where you will quarantine and you should take the test in those 24 hours.
  6. It is advisable to fly into Ukraine a few days before Rosh Hashanah so that you can take the test and receive your results before Rosh Hashanah.
  7. As of August 1 it was reported that Ukraine will accept negative Covid tests from your country of origin. The test must be taken within 48 hours of flying out. However, we have seen reports that they did not accept some tests and the travelers were required to take them again in Ukraine.
  8. If you take the test in Ukraine and are positive then you will need to quarantine for 14 days.
  9. Breaking quarantine will result in fines up to $1000 dollars and possible jail time. According to recent meetings in the Ukrainian Parliament about Uman Rosh Hashanah there are even talks about being banned from the Ukraine for a number of years if you break quarantine and do not follow the rules.

  See this video for the basic information:

Rules and Restrictions for Rosh Hashanah 2020

  1. The Ukrainian govt’ has approved the kibbutz for Rosh Hashana this year but the full details are still not finalized. There were more meetings earlier this week in Ukraine about it.
  2. The assumption is that they will limit the amount of people that will be able to enter Uman for Rosh Hashanah this year. Reports are saying that they will let in a maximum of 10,000 people but this is not finalized and hopefully we will know soon.  It is assumed that the number 10,000 includes everyone (Israelis, Americans, etc.)
  3. Masks, social distancing and proper hygiene are required for everyone in the kibbutz.
  4. The Tziyon will be divided into sections (capsules) with a certain amount of people allowed into each section for a certain amount of time.
  5. The whole area of where the kibbutz usually takes place in Uman (Pushkina street and the surrounding areas) will be on full lockdown and once you are in you will not be able to leave until after Rosh Hashana.
  6. Big minyanim in Uman will be prohibited.
  7. Hachnosas Orchim dining rooms will be divided up into different sections where people from the same countries will sit together.
  8. There will be 1,000 cops patrolling the area and making sure the rules are being followed.


This is all the current up to date information and we will continue to update as we know more. May we all be blessed by Hashem to be able to make it to Uman for Rosh Hashana.

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