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Ukraine approves Uman Rosh Hashanah. What will Israel decide?

The results of the talks between the authorities in Ukraine and Israel that took place this week on Monday led to the following decision: The Ukrainians have decided to approve the kibbutz – subject to the restrictions agreed upon and detailed later in this article. Israel however is not ready to approve the charter flights – the final decision from Israel will probably happen last minute.

It is most likely that a very limited amount of charter flights will be approved (from Israel to Ukraine) and we will only know how many at the last minute. It is recommended to the Breslov Chassidim who want to be in Uman for Rosh Hashanah to already fly there now. This is due to the fact that there are not  many regular flights leaving from Israel to Ukraine for the time being.

As reported here on this site many times – the borders of Ukraine are open to people from all countries. Entry into Ukraine is conditional on the presentation of valid Ukrainian health insurance for the entire period of stay. The insurance must cover Corona. It is also mandatory for every passenger to take a corona test at the time of landing in order to rule out infection of the virus.

Some of the details of the program to allow the kibbutz:

The entire Pushkina area will be defined as a sterile area and traffic between it and the rest of the city, including the market and shops in the city, will be banned for the entire duration of your stay in Uman. The exact boundaries will be decided by the Uman Municipality.

You will have to wear a mask in all public areas and you will need to practice proper social distancing.

The entrance to the Tziyon will be limited to a certain amount of people at a time and with time limits.

The shuls in Uman will be divided into sections and everybody will have to wear a mask during the whole davening. The number of people in the Mikvaos will also be limited to a certain amount at one time.

Shiner’s Hachnosas Orchim complexes will be divided into separate areas. It is recommended to register as early as possible in order to allow the staff there to make preparations accordingly.

It is the duty of the organizers and hotel owners to take care of hygiene products for their guests: Masks, Hand Sanitizer and temperature checks. For all public places:  hotels, mikvahs, dining complexes, shuls and restrooms: the organizers are required to disinfect the areas frequently and to set up hand-disinfection stations at the entrances.

“Uman Clinic” will establish a “Corona Clinic” that will treat Corona patients, if they are discovered, and coordinate with the Israeli insurance companies for further treatment. At the entrance to the clinic, an emergency room will be set up, and in case of suspicion of symptoms, the applicant will be charged with a quick corona examination. Insured persons will be transferred, if necessary, to a designated hotel.

Authorities in Ukraine have allocated twice the police force –  more than 1,000 police officers will strictly enforce the health guidelines.

These are the details of the outline formulated by the Ukrainian. There may be changes to it and we will update accordingly.



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