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Ukraine updates rules for entry

Ukraine has once again updated their rules for entry to their country: A person who has only received one dose (and of course two doses) of the vaccine OR has a Certificate of Recovery from Coronavirus can now enter Ukraine without any restrictions (no quarantine app, no getting tested in Ukraine upon arrival). In Israel there is an official Certificate of Recovery that one can receive from the Ministry of Health at this link –

As far as we know there is no such official document in the USA. Antibodies tests will not be accepted.

This is very good news for many in Israel who have recovered from Corona and/or have only received one shot of the vaccine as in Israel they only give one shot to people who have recovered from Corona. This is also good for US citizens who only have had one shot as well.

Everyone, regardless of your vaccination or recovery status, needs to have Ukrainian insurance to enter the country. That insurance can be purchased for very cheap at

For those who are not vaccinated or have not recovered – the rules are that you need to show up with Ukrainian insurance, a negative Covid test and install the Vdoma app on your phone upon arrival in Ukraine and get tested there again to get out of quarantine.

One who is vaccinated or recovered does not need to present a test upon arrival in Ukraine but you may still need a test to board your flight or connect through certain countries. Please check with your airline for your situation.

Please continue to daven that everything to do with the holy kibbutz in Uman goes smoothly.

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