You are currently viewing Uman Hachnosas Orchim Video and meal sign up!

Uman Hachnosas Orchim Video and meal sign up!

It is still unclear as to how many people will be in Uman for Rosh Hashanah in 2 months or if there will be a big gathering at all. The main Hachnosas Orchim in Uman is still preparing however and they have released an online form (in Hebrew) to fill out to help them better prepare in light of Corona. It does not cost any money now to fill out the form. They are preparing a plan to divide up the sections to prevent the spread of the virus. Some of the things they are planning are for people from the same countries to sit together, a dining room for people who have recovered from Corona, different entrances and exits, etc. By filling out this form it will give them a better idea of who will be coming. Link to form –

Check out some of the preparations going on in Shiner’s Hachnosas Orchim and some good memories of Uman from last year!

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