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Traveling to Uman Rosh Hashanah 2020 – Updated Travel Restrictions

Uman Rosh Hashanah 2020 is 70 days away and nobody really knows what will happen. Due to Covid-19 world travel has changed tremendously and there are new rules to enter into certain countries depending where you are coming from. Breslov News will try to outline the current restrictions and instructions for travelers wanting to enter the Ukraine as of today July 8, 2020.

  1. Anybody from any country is permitted to enter Ukraine. There is a 14 day quarantine requirement for travelers coming from “Red Zone” countries. The USA and Israel are both currently Red Zone countries.
  2. After crossing the border you have 24 hours to get to your destination where you will be quarantining.
  3. You will need to have a smartphone that has the ability to download the “Di VDOMA” app (more info below) which is the way you will choose how you will be quarantining and the way you can get tested to get out of quarantine early.
  4. You will need to show the Border Control a valid Health Insurance policy that covers Covid-19. The insurance should be from Ukraine or internationally recognized (more info below about this)
  5. There were reports that Ukraine was setting up Covid testing stations in the airports but as of today that has not been implemented yet.
  6. A person can choose to get out of the full 14 day quarantine by getting tested at a testing lab in the Ukraine where they are available. Results, appointment for testing, etc are all done through the app so it is very important to have a smartphone and the app. The app should not be deleted until you leave Ukraine. You must provide a phone number to the lab as well. Sim cards will be available for purchase in Kiev airport.
  7. Rules and restrictions are changing daily so it is important to keep up to date on the news. We will be posting some relevant links that you can check for updates below.
  8. The cost for the Covid-19 test in Ukraine is somewhere between 70-100 US Dollars.

Please check out this important link – to learn more about the quarantine app, travel insurance, travel restrictions in Ukraine and more. It is very up to date and useful.

There are a few other things to take into consideration when traveling this year to Uman. For the time being there is no entry of non-citizens (except for very special cases) to Israel. If you are a non-citizen living in Israel (student, young married couple, etc) there is a very high chance that you will not be let back into the country after going to Uman for Rosh Hashanah…even if you have a student visa. There is also a requirement of 14 day quarantine when arriving back in Israel (for citizens and non-citizens) now but that could change soon. As of now there are very few straight flights from Tel Aviv to Kiev and the charter flight situation is unclear as well. As reported on Uman Shalom, charter companies like Revivos, Nesivos Tours and more are asking Breslov chassidim to make down payments so they can start booking planes.

While the Ukraine is willing to open the skies for Breslov chassidim to travel this year (with new rules) there seems to be some opposition from the Israeli government. Uman Shalom reports that there may be a limited amount of Israelis that will be permitted to go. It is still unclear how they will decide who will be on this list. Children, elderly people and people with illnesses will not be permitted to travel. The Israeli gov’t is worried that many Israelis will go to Uman and bring back the virus and will not quarantine properly. If one goes to Uman for Rosh Hashanah and comes back to Israel they will need to be in quarantine for Yom Kippur as well.

There are askanim who have asked that anybody who can go to Uman now and remain there till Rosh Hashanah should go now.

Another consideration when booking tickets should be giving oneself enough time to be able to enter Ukraine, get tested and get to Uman.

There are many things that can happen between now and Rosh Hashanah and we will updated accordingly.





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