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Words of Chizuk from Rabbi Kivak, Shlita

Statement from Rabbi Nissan Dovid Kivak, Shlita, on the night of Lag BeOmer sent to us from his student Rav Lev Moshe Leventer:

Rebbe Nachman teaches us (Likutei Mohoran I, 4) that we have to say everything that happens is for the best. Hashem acts with great compassion and lovingkindness — it’s just that we can’t understand His ways, but the tzaddikim understand exactly what’s happening. We have to receive everything with love.

It is important to thank Hashem that we’re still alive and not to think that we don’t matter.

We need to make a new start to truly live! Hashem gets incredible nachas from us!

We have to know that the tzaddikim are drawing down
great compassion and lovingkindness.
This was an incredible tikkun for the neshamos that we’re niftar.
We need to continue to strengthen ourselves!

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